Thursday, December 26, 2013

What is "mellendags" in French?

Tried loading photos of our Xmas dinner (massive chapon - a turkey-sized rooster, slightly modified when young to make easier to manage & less gamey-tasting), but we're still on pay-per-mb-broadband chips, so ... later.

But it's the 26th; the house feels more like a home, and has a xmas tree us congested folk can almost smell. Setting up electronics tonight, see if all is well post-move.

We've got the bank account and ordered both internet and a washer/dryer "combo", and anticipate resuming more normalcy (including calls home) this weekend!

Hit the local laundromat today - expensive, but necessary. And a lovely lady made friends with Sebastian and Oliver.

Been getting some cards from friends/family, thanks a ton.

Glad mellendags - days between Jul and the new year!

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