Thursday, December 12, 2013


So 'windmill number 1' has been defeated and the apartment is mostly empty. The movers -- who may have under-estimated our book count by a few cubic meters -- got 'er done in a nine hour day. We nearly filled this truck (this is mid-day as you can see by fact there's sunlight):


Contrast that with his here -- August 2010, leaving Munich for Sweden:

How does that happen? In three years?

Ah. Kids. Right. Well, at least one of them eats sushi.

So tomorrow off to the office and a little cleaning, visit last few friends, then Friday we hit the road right after Oliver's Luciat├ąg. Will publish a map soon if I can get around to it, let friends follow our progress to France. Roughly the plan is to arrive at the new apartment on the 17th when our movers arrive so we don't find 37 cubic meters of boxes in front of our new apartment building...

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