Saturday, December 14, 2013

On The Road

And so - in the tradition of all road trips - we left later, arrived later, and had slightly worse weather than ideal. But - we made Lund.

Last night Oliver has found a way to keep Sebastian entertained:

Since this is our last morning in Sweden for a while, a recap of our last three years in Uppsala:
  • moved five times the first 20 months (then bought a flat) (to be precise, the right to live in a BRF)
  • got married
  • had two boys
  • learned a little svenska
  • I work (still) for an excellent Swedish consulting company
  • learned to ski a little better (and Jeff completed the 90k Swedish classic race in Dalarna)
  • learned open-water ice skating
  • started thinking of fuel efficiency in volume-per-distance (liter per mil) instead of mpg (miles per US gallon)
  • +Elena - more to add?
  • Ah, importantly, learned the excellent Swedish healthcare system -- which our boy Oliver will use again this morning as one of his eyes looks a little infected...  
With that, time to get on the road to the local vårdcentral, then cross that famous bridge.

See you in Germany!

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