Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"What have I got in my pocket?" (expat version)

In sum:

  • about $3.63 in Euro coins, ou des pièces (de 50, 10 cents, et même €2 !)
  • fifty pence ($0.66)
  • a Swedish crown ($0.12)
  • ...and a fake plastic euro 'coin' for borrowing shopping carts at our local hypermarché.
  • Oh, and the ever-present tissue, biding its time 'till the washing machine.
I must've picked up some of the guys' coin "collection" and mixed it with whatever was left from a boulangerie run. 

So ... why the inane, hobbit-y blog post? I'm looking for a new rhythm, posting one new (ideally interesting) thing weekly. (Having a sick kid at home limits a repertoire.)

Since finally receiving my work visa at the end of summer 2017, I've restarted French lessons; moonlighted as bike messenger for friends at Ma Petite Couche; and participated on a project with the CFH to translate the famous hydrogeology text Groundwater (Freeze & Cherry, 1979) into French. But I'm still looking for the right full-time post.

Till next week!