Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Tomorrow will be 2 minutes and 15 seconds shorter than today where I grew up in the central valley of California; here in our Parisian suburb it'll be 3 minutes 33 seconds shorter.

L'hiver arrive. Vintern kommer.

Where our kids were born, tomorrow will be 5 minutes 21 seconds shorter than today; but then the Swedes are well on their annual pilgrimage to winter, with "höstmörk", candles and ... well, darkness.

Like the Spotify playlist I'm listening to ... "Mörk ... höst":

But - surprisingly - I find I'm in an optimistic frame of mind, in spite of the season and mostly ephemeral illnesses: after years of little administrative wounds, I can legally accept a job here. The gap "cost" some productive years -- but then you can't price an education, and I've got more than when we arrived. And - importantly - the other 3/4 of the family are quite productive, everyone growing in their domain.

Now maybe I'll try to make these rare entries more frequent, shorter, and perhaps put a little pressure on self with some entries en français. I have to push written French along after all, and why not do it before I'm writing technical reports? Apologies in advance.


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