Monday, July 17, 2017

Mises-à-jour ... some updates

In brief, last week we finally got our visa renewals - and our application for the carte de séjour pluriannuel was approved, which specifies a "passeport talent autorise son titulaire à travailler".

This is huge news for us, as we moved here from Sweden for my wife's work just at the end of 2013 - with the understanding that within 30 - 36 months I'd have the right to work as well (as I always had in Sweden). So I enrolled in a French immersion program; took a Master's degree in my field; and within a month of being diplômé, our application was refused. Which confused our attorneys, depressed us, and threw a serious wrench in our plans.

After we got the notice from the sous-préfecture that new cartes de séjour were available, we rushed over, waited in the interminable line which looks like this:

...and ended with champagne !

Okay, actually that was the next day ... since we didn't actually believe it's work out and hadn't chilled the bottle.

And we enjoyed Bastille Day 2017 more than we have since moving here. But the next move isn't trivial either ... of the graduates in my cohort, only a couple of the dozen have found their travaille de rêve - but at least now it's possible.

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